The Rishikesh Series

Yogabook, Coverillustration, Diana Laube
Cover Yoga Buch, Die Rishikeshreihe
Illustration of the Sun-salutation, Yogaillustration
Sonnengruß Illustration

The book „Yoga - The Rishikesh Series” by Diana Laube employs the unusual technique of the fotogram to illustrate the practice of one of Yoga’s foundational series.

The silhouette of a expert practitioner was captured as a collection of stills, while she practiced the yoga sequence. These stills were then superimposed to offer a realistic impression of each posture and movement.

While hiding individual features of the practitioner, such as the face or a hairdo, the elaborate fotogram approach reveals the series' hidden simplicity and clarity. In this manner the book invites the practitioner to follow the form accurately, allowing the mind to settle while strengthening the whole body.

Mrs Laube’s artistic guide to the Rishikesh Series breathes the spirit of original yoga and renders the series accessible to practitioners at all levels of experience. (Dr. Christian Honey)